Cerpen - Cerita Pendek Persahabatan Dalam Bahasa Inggris Pendek Dan Singkat

Sekarang ceritalucuabiz mau berbagi artikel tentang Cerita Pendek Persahabatan dalam bahasa inggris yang sangat menarik buat dibaca. Mungkin temen temen yang lagi dapet tugas membuat cerpen persahabatan bahasa inggris, bisa mengambil referensi cerita pendek persahabatan dibawah ini. Cerita pendek bahasa inggris ini amat populer di kalangan anak anak sekolah SD atau SMP. Nah langsung aja, berikut cerita pendek persahabatan bahasa inggris :

Cerpen - Cerita Pendek Persahabatan Dalam Bahasa Inggris

The Meaning of A Friendship
In the ancient times there lived a tortoise and a hawk. Although the turtles and eagles rarely met because the turtles spend more time disemak-bush while the more eagle fly, but does not preclude the eagle to visit her childhood friend who is always good-natured, the turtle.

Turtles of the family are very friendly and always greet the eagle with joy. They also always give the eagle food with very royalnya. So the eagle is always many times to come as free food from the family turtle. After every meal from a family of turtles the eagle always laughed at the tortoise: "ha ha how stupid tortoise, I can feel the pleasure of food is always he gave, but he may not be able to feel the joy that my food because my lair lies far above the mountain "

Because so often the eagle laugh and selfishly spend the turtle food, then the whole forest began to gossip about the attitude of the eagle. The forest dwellers was unhappy with the attitude of the eagle to the wishes tortoise kind. One day a frog calling turtle who was walking near the river. "Hi my friend the turtle, give me a bowl of peas, then I will give you words of wisdom for you" cried the frog. After spending a bowl of peas from the turtle, the frog said to her, "the tortoise, the eagle has abused friend friendship and your kindness. Every time after visiting at the nest, always make fun of him by saying" ha ha how stupid the turtles, I can feel the pleasure of eating always he gave, but he may not be able to feel the joy of my food because my lair is located far above the mountain. "In one day the eagle will come back and will ask for a basket of food from you and promise to provide food for you and your children "

It is true that the frog said, the eagle comes with a basket and as usual the eagle enjoying food from the turtles. The eagle said: "O my turtle, allow me to fill my basket with food from you, then I'll send my wife to the son and the wife will give homemade food for his wife and son". Then the eagle flew back and laugh at the tortoise. Then immediately the turtle into the basket and covered with fruits vegetables by his wife, so it is not visible. When the eagle back, the wife of the turtle said that her husband had just gone and giving baskets full of food to the eagle. The eagle flew immediately rushed while carrying the basket.

She laughs at the stupidity back turtle. But this time the tortoise heard his own words. When they reached the eagle nest, and the eagle immediately take the contents of the basket until they run out. How shocked see the turtles come out of the basket. "Hi my friend the eagle, you have often visited the lair but I have never even visited the nest. Berbahagianya would seem that I can enjoy your food as you enjoy the food." How angry the eagle because he felt tersindir. He angrily peck kura.Namun thanks to the tortoise-shell turtle home the harsh, turtles can not be pecked by the eagle. With the sad turtle said: "I've seen what kind of friendship you offer me hai the eagle. How disappointed I was. Okay take me back to my lair and our friendship will end." The elangpun said: "Well if you wish. I'll take you home" But evil thoughts arise on the account of the eagle. "I'll take you down and eat the remains of yourselves" he thought again.

That is, the turtle holds the feet of the eagle is flying high. "Disconnect my feet" cried the angry eagle. With the patient tortoise replied: "I will rescue your feet if you already take me back to my lair" to upset the eagle was flying high, menungkik and shaking his legs with the hope of turtles will fall. But there is no point. Finally he lowers the turtles in the nest, and immediately fly high with shame.

When the eagle flies, the tortoise exclaimed: "O my friendship requires mutual split with each other. You will-I respect and appreciate me. Yet somehow, since you want to make our friendship just a game, my family and I laugh hospitality then you should not have to again come to me ".
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