Cerita Lucu Bahasa Inggris Burung Gagak dan Rubah

Masih banyak cerita cerita lucu dalam bahasa inggris yang ane miliki. Cuman karna males ngetik, jadi terhambat pemirsah. hehe,, Okelah berikut ini ane bagiin cerita lucu bahasa inggris tentang Burung Gagak dan Rubah. Cerita lucu ini merupakan fabel dikarnakan tokoh ceritanya yakni hewan. Simak aja deh ceritanya dibawah :
Cerita Lucu Bahasa Inggris Burung Gagak dan Rubah

Miss Crow and Mr. Fox
Once upon a time, there lived an old lady crow. She was very mean and ugly. One day, Miss Crow stole a piece of cheese. Soon, she flew on to a branch to eat it.

Mr. Fox noticed what Miss Crow had done. Under the tree, Mr. Fox, who wanted the cheese for himself, came up and spoke politely to her.

"Oh, Miss Crow, how pretty you are! What a lovely beak, what awesome feathers you have! What sweet eyes! If only you could sing, you would be the most beautiful bird in the world!"

Very pleased to hear all of this about herself, Miss Crow hopped on the branch and gave a loud croak to show that she could sing.

Of course, the moment she opened up her beak, the cheese dropped down, and Mr. Fox caught and ran away with it, laughing loudly.

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