Cerita Lucu Bahasa Inggris Abu Nawas

Saat ini kita bakal mengulas perihal Cerita lucu abu nawas dalam bahasa inggris yang benar-benar menarik buat anda baca serta tekuni. semoga dengan artikel cerita lucu bahasa inggris yang sudah saya catat ini bisa menolong serta berguna untuk anda. Cerita Abu Nawas memang sudah sangat terkenal dan populer di kalangan anak anak hingga dewasa. Cerita ini juga sudah mendunia karena kelucuan dari abu nawas. Segera saja, bacalah cerita lucu tersebut :

Cerita Lucu Bahasa Inggris Abu Nawas
Abu Nawas was walking leisurely. There was a crowd period. Abu Nawas asked a friend who happened to meet in the middle of the road.
"There was a crowd there what?" Said Abu Nawas. "Shows that involve roving magic monkey." "What do you mean by monkey magic?" Said Abu Nawas curious."Monkeys can understand human language, and even more amazing is that monkey would only be subject to the owner." Said Abu Nawas friend added.
Abu Nawas more interested. She could not bear to witness the ingenuity and the magic of the giant beast.
Now, Abu Nawas was in the middle of a crowd of spectators. Because so many viewers who watched the show, the owner of the monkey is proud to offer a substantial reward for anyone who could make a monkey nodded.

Not surprisingly, many of the audience tried to come forward one by one. They try different ways to make the monkey nodded, but in vain. The monkey was still shaking his head.

Seeing persistence monkey Abu Nawas more curious. Until he came forward to try. After dealing with the beast Abu Nawas asked,
 "Do you know who I am?" Monkey shook his head."Are not you afraid of me?" Said Abu Nawas again. But the monkey was still shaking his head."Are you afraid of your master?" Said Abu Nawas fishing. Monkey was beginning to doubt."If you remain silent then will I report to your lord." Continued Abu Nawas began to threaten. Finally the monkey was forced to nod.
The success of Abu Nawas make monkey nods he received a gift of money. Remarkably angry monkey owner until he hit a poor animal. Owner monkey abysmal shame. The next day he wanted to make up for defeat. This time he trained monkey nodded.

In fact, he threatened to severely punish the monkey when it comes to be lured audience nodding mainly by Abu Nawas. No matter what the question.

The long-awaited moment arrived. Now the audience who would like to try, should be able to make the monkey shook his head. So as the day before, a lot of the audience could not bring the monkey shook his head. Having nothing else to try,
Abu Nawas forward. He repeated the same question.
"Do you know who am I?" Monkey nodded."Are not you afraid of me?" The monkey was still nodding."Are you not afraid of the master?" Fishing Abu Nawas. The monkey was kept nodding because animals are more afraid of the threat of his master than Abu Nawas.Abu Nawas finally issued a small package containing balsam heat. "Do you know what use this balm?" The monkey was still nodding."Well, may kugosokselangkangmu with balsam?" Monkey nodded.Then Abu Nawas rub the animal's groin. Of course, the monkey was feeling a little too hot and start-panic.Then Abu Nawas expend considerable parcel. The bundle also contains a balsam."Would you like it if I spent rubbing balm selangkangmu?"
Abu Nawas began to threaten. Monkey began to fear. And apparently he forgot that he had to master the threat shook his head as he backed up a few steps.
Abu Nawas ingenuity and wits with a slippery able to win the contest undermine the persistence of monkeys are considered clever.
Ah, let a monkey, the most intelligent man alone can swindled Abu Nawas!

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